Are You Prepared for the Next Cyber Attack?

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The world woke up to another cyber attack last week. WannaCry ransomware took individuals and businesses by surprise, but only those that were unprepared.

Missed updates and an I-can-do-that-later attitude cost some companies more than just money. Read on to find out how your Chicago business can avoid becoming another victim in the next worldwide cyber hold-up.

Are Your Copiers Causing HIPAA Violations?

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You've done everything you can to familiarize yourself and your staff with HIPAA, but it's possible to be in violation without even realizing it.

With fines as high as $50,000 per infraction, it's critical to make sure you've covered every possible scenario.

One area that frequently goes overlooked are violations occurring on printers and copiers. Read on to find out what your Chicago healthcare facility can do to avoid unintentional HIPAA infractions.

3 Steps to Finding the Right Printer

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If you're in the market for a new printer for your Chicago business, you've got a lot to consider. You need a device with features that match your requirements, a manufacturer you can trust, and an established local vendor who can provide the service and expertise you need going forward.

Check out our three-step process for getting it all right the first time.

Find the Right Office Equipment Provider by Asking the Right Questions

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Choosing an office equipment provider for your Chicago business is an important step that can have a lasting impact. When researching vendors in the Chicago area, you'll want to ask the right questions. Here are a few to help you get started.

The Right Questions

1. Who are your technology partners? For the best in next-generation office equipment, you need access to industry-leading technology partners. Make sure your vendor partners with names well known within the office equipment industry.

ACI Acquisition

IT Services—3 Benefits of Outsourcing

Chicago IT services

Your Chicago company depends upon technology to keep business processes moving forward. Read on to discover why outsourcing your IT needs may be the perfect solution for your organization.

1. 365/24/7 Monitoring

With someone else monitoring and maintaining your server, your staff is free to focus on growing your business. Proven IT experts will work hard to make sure your server is working correctly, and that all of your data is backed up and secure.

Time for New Copiers? It's All About the Math!

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If you're not sure whether to pull the trigger and get new copiers for your Chicago business, we'd like to suggest a little basic math. Like every other business decision, it's all about adding and subtracting.

Add Up the Benefits

Acquiring new copiers is a lot like bringing new computers online. Even if you're a little unsure at first, the advantages of the new system soon outweigh any reservations you may have had in the beginning. When it comes to new copiers and printers, the benefits add up quickly.

A Proactive Approach to Print Repair

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If your Chicago office's printer breaks down every few months or so, you may be starting to look at the situation as normal.

The truth is, frequent breakdowns are not normal. If downtime has become the status quo at your office, it's time for a change.

Ready to Make Your Office Equipment Checklist?

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If you've been looking at new printers and you're a little overwhelmed with the vast number of choices, that's understandable. Not surprisingly, advances in office equipment are keeping pace with other technologies, and it's a bit of a challenge to stay informed.

The good news is, businesses are more likely than ever to find office equipment that can help speed up productivity, introduce new efficiencies, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

Plan Ahead for Catastrophic Data Loss

Chicago IT services

disaster /di-'zas-ter/ noun an unexpected event leading to unfortunate consequences.

What comes to mind when you think of the word disaster? A tornado or flash flood? Most of us define a disaster as a catastrophic event brought on by the forces of nature. For most businesses, the chances are relatively small that a natural disaster will result in enough damage to close down operations, but if you're gambling that the sun will continue to shine on your Chicago company, you may want to reconsider.


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