Protect Your Business with Managed IT Services

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By now, no one can say they haven't been warned about the possibility of a cyber attack. With high-profile breaches impacting every sector, from business and financial groups to education, healthcare, and government entities, few haven't fallen prey to some form of attack. Here are a few of the more obvious repercussions facing victims of cybercrime:

Reduce Your Copier's Impact on the Environment

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Is your Chicago company committed to sustainable office practices? Document management systems can replace your reliance on paper-based processes and managed print services help reduce printing waste. With both of these strategies in place, your Chicago company is well on its way to a greener workplace. Here's another way to go green in your office.

4 Reasons to Lease Your Next Printer

equipment leasing

Upgrading your Chicago print infrastructure is essential to your operations; getting by with aging technologies won't work in an economy that increasingly depends on digital processes.

When you're beginning your search for new printers and multifunction systems, part of the decision-making process centers around whether to lease or buy your equipment. For many of today's growing businesses, leasing is the preferred choice.

Choosing a Business Mobile Printing Strategy

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Even without a mobile print policy or strategy in place, your Chicago company's employees are probably using existing tools to print from their mobile devices. While this hands-off approach may be the most straightforward choice for business administrators, it may not be the wisest.

Why Outsource to a Chicago IT Services Professional?

Chicago IT services

Your internal IT team has a variety of tasks to juggle on a daily basis, and keeping your company connected is high on their list of priorities. When searching for IT services for your Chicago company, what are your expectations? If you're not sure what to look for, or even if outsourcing some of all of your needs to a Chicago IT services provider is a good idea, read on to learn more.

Future-Proof Your Chicago Copiers

Chicago copiers

Do you view your Chicago copiers as a means to print or copy a document and little else? It's not unusual for business leaders to give little thought to their copiers until they're not working. The resulting reaction may trigger a quick trip to a big-box office supplier for an inexpensive replacement, but these options are not the best long-term solution for your Chicago business.

Online Support for Your Chicago Print Fleet

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Your Chicago team can work faster and smarter with assistance from your Xerox printers and multifunction systems, and with expert online support, now they can accomplish even more. Whether you're an end user or administrator, the Xerox Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit is invaluable. Here's how it can help you get the most value from your Chicago print fleet.

Lease or Buy? How Should You Acquire Your Next Copier?

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If you're in the process of choosing new office equipment for your Chicago business, you may be wondering if you should opt for a lease or purchase your devices outright. The answer depends on your budget situation and how the benefits of each option line up with your requirements.

Leasing Benefits

Leasing office equipment is a popular option for Chicago businesses. With benefits that make it easy to acquire the right office equipment, leasing may be the right choice for your organization.

Have You Tested Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Has it been a while since your company updated its disaster recovery plan? (Don't stop reading if you don't have one in place; there's something here for you, too.)

Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies are never a one-and-done process, and regular testing should be a part of the process. Here's how to make sure your Chicago company is prepared.

Do More with Less with Your Chicago Office Copiers

Chicago copiers

What do you expect your Chicago company's Xerox copiers to do for you? If you're printing and copying with your multifunction copiers but little else, then you're missing out on some highly-efficient workflow solutions.

Here's how today's multifunction copiers can provide your Chicago office with some exceptional time and money-saving opportunities.


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