Why You Would Rent an MFP

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Multifunction printers (MFP) are central to the modern business’ communication and document needs. These all-in-one machines are usually acquired in one of three ways:

  • Purchasing
  • Leasing
  • Renting

While purchasing is the dream option, but the price tag of a multifunction printer can often make that difficult, as these aren’t cheap machines. Leasing is probably the most common way to acquire an MFP, but there might be good reasons to rent one.


Mobile Printing Benefits for the Modern Business

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Years ago, movies and television shows dreamed of what mobile devices could do for an individual. Video chats, messaging, and more were all fictional concepts we hoped one day would be available to us. Well, we’re not dreaming anymore, most adults now have these sophisticated devices wherever we go – we have smartphones.


Choosing Your Chicago Office Equipment—Why Not Get It Right the First Time?

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Choosing the wrong office equipment for your Chicago company can have a lasting and negative impact. If you'd rather get things right the first time, here are a few important considerations.

Why Data Backup is Critical to Your Company's Success

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Your technology infrastructure isn't immune to unforeseen events like fire or flood. With a backup solution from your Chicago IT Services provider, you'll have peace of mind knowing you can still access and use your data if an unexpected situation puts your collective knowledge in jeopardy.

Ask the Experts: Choosing the Best Copiers for Your Chicago Office

ask the experts, computer on desk

Dysfunctional copiers and printers are great fodder for office jokes and social media memes, but there's not much to laugh about when a breakdown happens in the middle of a critical print job. If your Chicago office's copiers are in the habit of ruining your day, here's how to beginning searching for a new one.

Shut Down Your High Print Spend with Managed Print


Cost-per-page can vary substantially between manufacturers and specific devices. Other determiners include the type of ink or toner used, color printing, and coverage per page.

You can determine the average expected cost-per-page of each printer and copier in your Chicago print fleet by dividing the cartridge price by the manufacturer's yield rating. Toner manufacturer's base their yield ratings on standard documents printed for average business use.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Chicago Office Equipment


Does your Chicago office equipment serve your needs adequately or are you getting by with single-function desktop devices? If your printers still just print documents, you're missing out on some of the industry's latest productivity-enhancing capabilities.

If your office equipment isn't up to the latest standards, read on to find out what you could gain with some essential upgrades.

Acquisition Enhances Proven IT's Managed Network Services


Chicago, IL – June 21, 2018 

With its acquisition of Resolve Technology Group (RTG), one of the fastest-growing tech firms in the Midwest has accelerated its expanding network services and technology management business. 

Proven IT’s decision to purchase Chicago-based RTG stems from its desire to bolster expertise in helpdesk support, network design, server management and client relations.   

Protect Your Business with Managed IT Services

cyber attack

By now, no one can say they haven't been warned about the possibility of a cyber attack. With high-profile breaches impacting every sector, from business and financial groups to education, healthcare, and government entities, few haven't fallen prey to some form of attack. Here are a few of the more obvious repercussions facing victims of cybercrime:

Reduce Your Copier's Impact on the Environment

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Is your Chicago company committed to sustainable office practices? Document management systems can replace your reliance on paper-based processes and managed print services help reduce printing waste. With both of these strategies in place, your Chicago company is well on its way to a greener workplace. Here's another way to go green in your office.


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