Are You Prepared for Disaster? Your Chicago IT Services Provider Can Help!

are you prepared?

Last year's epic natural disasters will never be forgotten. For many of us, it was a lessons-learned event that has us rethinking our disaster preparedness strategy.

How Prepared Are You?

Preparing to protect your loved ones following a disaster is your first call of duty. As a business leader, it's also critical to develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Your employees depend upon you for their livelihoods, and you provide goods or services to a loyal customer base.

Here's how to begin planning:

4 Ways to Get More From Your Chicago Copiers


Your Chicago copiers may do a great job producing documents, but if that's all you're doing with them, you're missing out on some valuable features. Here's how you can put your Chicago office's copiers to work creating more efficient and secure workflows for your entire organization.

Don't Miss Out

Here are four key areas where your copiers can radically change the way your team works.

Repair or Upgrade Your Printer? Here's How to Tell!

print repair

Not sure if your Chicago office needs a new printer? The decision whether to call your Chicago print repair provider for help or a replacement device isn't always clear.

Check out these issues that may indicate it's time for an equipment upgrade.

Why Your Chicago Business Should Try Wide Format in 2018

wide format

Is your Chicago company regularly outsourcing wide-format print jobs?

Achieve Your IT Goals in 2018


Is the expense of an internal IT department out of reach for your Chicago company? Has rapid growth made it difficult for your IT personnel to stay on top of your requirements? Whatever your needs, outsourcing to a Chicago IT services provider can relieve the pressure. Here are three of the most notable advantages.

3 Reasons Why Your Chicago Office Still Needs Copiers


Be sure to hang onto your copiers if your Chicago office is hoping to achieve a paperless office in 2018 and beyond. As a tool for digital workflows, multifunction copiers are second-to-none. Read on to find out why your Chicago team still needs access to on-site copiers.

Looking for Expert Print Repair in the Chicago Area?

Chicago print repair

Printer downtime is never good for your office, mostly due to the resulting loss of productivity. Employees waiting around for print repair may be hard-pressed to complete critical jobs, and may even seek outsourced printing as a last resort.

Partnering with an experienced Chicago print repair provider is the best way to keep your equipment in top operating condition.

Your Business Can't Afford Low-End Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

Is it time for new office equipment for your Chicago business? You could head to the nearest big box office store and load up on inexpensive copiers and printers. You'd be finished by the afternoon and have everything ready to go in the morning.

But wait. There's more.

Are Hackers Targeting Your Small Business?

Chicago IT services

Recent studies drive home that SMB leaders don't believe their businesses are a target for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, that's not the case. High-profile security breaches may be the only ones making the nightly news, but that's not because SMBs aren't suffering.

The unfortunate truth is that small and medium businesses provide lucrative opportunities for small-time hackers to execute smash-and-run attacks. Just like petty criminals who steal one purse at a time, there's plenty to be gained by making fast attacks on hundreds of small companies just like yours.

What Not to Get When Buying a Copier

Chicago copiers

Some purchasing mistakes are easily overlooked. We buy an ill-fitting pair of shoes or an overripe avocado, and we shrug our shoulders and move on.

Buying the wrong copier for your office isn't quite so easily ignored, especially since you'll be dealing with your choice for years to come. Check out our list of mistakes to avoid, so you don't end up with a device that's wrong for your company.


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