3 Fixes for Common Printer Issues

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The technology in your office can be a helpful tool to enhance productivity and keep you company's operations running smoothly. But when something goes wrong with a device, it not only gums up your internal processes—it also wastes time and money. That's why finding a speedy resolution to common printer problems is important. Here are a few fixes for printer headaches we hear about most often.

1. Printer is Too Slow

If your printer's speed is becoming an issue, you could have a calibration or RAM problem. Your printer might be calibrated to a high resolution, making your everyday printing jobs too slow as your printer tries to give you the result of a much more detailed job. Check your settings first. If this isn't the case, your printer may need more RAM to process bigger files. If both of these solutions don't help, you may need a new printer with a higher print speed to keep up with the demands of your office.

2. Low Image Quality for Laser Printers

On the flip side, you could be experiencing low image quality on your laser printer. It's important first to check that the paper weight and media type you've selected are correct for the job you're doing and that you've selected the right kind of paper in your print driver. Next, inspect your printer to be sure there isn't any damage or wear on the cartridges and that your ink and toner levels are satisfactory. Finally, consider a new laser printer or a wide format printer if you're still unsatisfied with your results.

3. Printer is Inefficient

Some printers suck energy and don't perform an adequate job for what you need. Outdated or older printers may not be energy star rated for efficiency, taking away from your green goals. If this is the case, it's time for a new printer.

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