3 Interview Questions to Ask a Managed Services Provider

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If you've already decided that your company should invest in managed IT services, way to go! You're ahead of many companies—and possibly your competition—still waiting on the sidelines, watching the managed services revolution happen. But now your next important task is to answer the question, "Who?"

Partnering with a managed services provider is a significant commitment. You want to be sure that the provider you choose aligns with your business's needs, mission, and values, and that you'll be happy with the partnership. You're selecting a company to handle some of your business's most crucial tasks, so you want to be completely sure that you can have peace of mind. Here are the questions you should ask a prospective managed services provider.

1. Why Should I Choose You?

Think of your first face-to-face encounter with a prospective IT management company as an interview—and ask interview questions. Give your potential partner a chance to speak for themselves. Listen to hear how long they've been operating, whether they've received awards or accreditations, and whether they can offer testimonials or examples of work they've done before.

2. How Does Your Service Desk Work?

When you ask this question, listen carefully for the right answer: you will likely need help desk support available at all times to meet the needs of your company. Again, your managed services provider will be handling the incredibly crucial task of keeping your IT infrastructure up and running, and they should be available at all times to help with issues.

3. What Management Strategy Do You Use?

Traditional IT departments had to operate using a "break-fix" model—meaning problems were addressed as they arose. A managed services provider should take a more proactive approach, managing security and updates to nip problems in the bud.

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