3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Printing Solution Now

Chicago office equipment

Does your Chicago company employ mobile workers? Do any of your staff members access privately-owned mobile devices to access company files? Do visiting clients and business partners sometimes need access to your printers and other office equipment?

With mobile knowledge workers now as high as 33% of the nation's workforce, most companies have recognized a need for a secure mobile printing solution and office equipment that's up to the task. Here's why your Chicago company should take steps now to deploy mobile printing:

1. Security

Without a mobile printing solution for your BYOD and other employees, your staff may access workarounds that can put your entire company at risk. Make sure your Chicago business enables mobile printing with the latest security solutions on all of your office equipment. From password protection to pull printing to keep secure documents from releasing prematurely, the office equipment industry has solutions for every need.

2. Convenience

Whether it's your own staff or a visiting client, access to a secure mobile printing solution is a 21st-century business imperative. Outdated office equipment may not offer the connectivity and security your colleagues need to keep critical projects moving forward.

3. Efficiency

Is your office equipment stuck in the last century? Today's advanced technologies provide the solutions your Chicago company needs to get more out of every hour of the day. Consider these advantages:

  • Multifunction printers and copiers offer digital workflow solutions to replace paper-based processes.
  • Networked printers with the latest mobile printing solutions can help keep your data secure.
  • Many wireless printers now offer innovative solutions that make mobile printing easier than ever, with no need to install print drivers or additional software.

If you're not sure where your documents are going 100% of the time, then it's time to find out. Contact us at Proven IT for an assessment of your office equipment situation today.

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