3 Reasons Why Your Chicago Office Still Needs Copiers


Be sure to hang onto your copiers if your Chicago office is hoping to achieve a paperless office in 2018 and beyond. As a tool for digital workflows, multifunction copiers are second-to-none. Read on to find out why your Chicago team still needs access to on-site copiers.

1. The growing mobile workforce.

Modern companies have recognized the added value a mobile workforce brings to their organization. When these remote workers need secure access to your documents, your copiers are the go-to solution. On-device storage solutions with state-of-the-art security protocols give your remote team access to documents without fear of interception by unauthorized users. And secure mobile printing solutions allow workers to print from any mobile device without security concerns.

2. A secure printing solution.

Print security is an ongoing concern for Chicago businesses of all types and sizes, and SMBs are no exception. Copiers with secure print solutions mitigate these risks in several ways.

  • Pull printing solutions prevent documents from printing before the user authenticates on the device.
  • Data encryption prevents interception by hackers during transmission processes.
  • Data overwrite capabilities erase saved information from hard drives, preventing unauthorized access to stored documents.

3. Digital workflow solutions.

Process automation and paperless workflows are here to stay, and multifunction copiers can provide the essential capabilities to make both a reality. The benefits include a tremendous difference in employee productivity as well as fewer costly missteps.

  • Automate repetitive tasks and avoid the errors caused by missed documentation, overlooked procedures, and missed deadlines.
  • Get information where it needs to be quickly and securely by scanning and routing converted documents to individuals and document management systems.
  • Improve employee collaboration with anytime, anywhere access to your most critical documents.

Have questions about the many ways multifunction copiers can help your Chicago business do more with less? Get in touch with us at Proven IT for a demonstration today!

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