3 Signs It's Time for an Office Equipment Upgrade

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Maintaining your Chicago company's office equipment is crucial to keeping projects on task and business processes moving forward. With some types of equipment, it may not be immediately apparent that it's time for a replacement. Your copier is one of these.

Is it Time for an Equipment Upgrade?

Even when your copiers seem to be working fairly well, hidden problems (or problems you've gotten accustomed to seeing) may be causing underlying issues. Here are three sure signs that it's time to upgrade your Chicago office equipment.

1. Your document printing requirements have risen substantially

If it's been a few years since you've purchased your imaging equipment, your print volume may have grown considerably. If your requirements exceed the device's stated monthly duty cycle on a regular basis, it's time to consider an upgrade. If your device still works, it still holds some value, but regularly pushing the duty cycle limits may lead to complete equipment failure.

2. Your office equipment is five or more years old

Five years pass by very quickly, but in the world of technology, five years is a very long time indeed. Upgrading to new equipment technology is essential for more than one reason.

  • You're missing out. On features, that is. If it's been five years or more since you've seen a demonstration of the latest in multifunction technology, you'll be amazed at the productivity-enhancing and money-saving features you've been missing. Don't wait. Contact your Chicago-area equipment dealer today!

  • Your devices may be a security risk. Aging equipment does not have the necessary security protocols to meet the latest threats.

3. Equipment downtime has become the new monthly Employee's Day Off.

We hope it's not that bad, but if downtime is interfering with your workflows and your budget plans, it's time to do something about it.

Ready to find out what you've been missing? Contact us at Proven IT in the Chicago area today!

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