3 Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Copier

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If you're in the market for a new copier, you probably already know that the number of options available is nothing short of overwhelming. The sheer volume of copiers available today is both exciting and confusing, and without some know-how, it can seem like an impossible decision to make.

That's why we routinely discuss ways to find the right copier for your company on this blog. Here are a few more tips to get the right machine for your company's unique needs.

1. Know How to Determine Image Quality

If you're using a copier for external advertising or even conference brochures, you need to be sure you're buying something with excellent image quality. In the copier biz, this is referred to as "resolution." Work with a trusted vendor to determine what kind of resolution you need for what you're doing.

2. Know Your Production Capacity Needs

How much do you print per month? Every copier has a volume rating that will clue you in to how many copies a month you can expect to make comfortably. If you buy a machine that isn't rated to make as many prints, copies, and scans as you need, you'll end up wearing out the device quickly.

3. Know Copier Features and What You Need

There are bells and whistles galore in the copier world. Some may seem superfluous, but when you consider the labor-saving possibilities of stapling, hole-punching, and automated document feeding, it just may calculate to a cost savings.

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