4 Ways to Get More From Your Chicago Copiers


Your Chicago copiers may do a great job producing documents, but if that's all you're doing with them, you're missing out on some valuable features. Here's how you can put your Chicago office's Canon copiers to work creating more efficient and secure workflows for your entire organization.

Don't Miss Out

Here are four key areas where your copiers can radically change the way your team works.

1. Scan and route your documents.

If your team is familiar with scanning documents to email addresses, routing them to your workflows and document management systems isn't much different. By using OCR technology, your copiers can extract data and automatically determine where to route scanned documents. The benefits of increased productivity and fewer manual data entry errors are well worth the effort of figuring out this technology.

2. Document security.

Your Chicago Xerox copiers should be configured to encrypt data as it flows from one point to the next within your network. Another feature can help protect printed documents from unauthorized viewing.

Secure printing, sometimes called follow-me or pull printing, holds print jobs on the device until the user completes an authentication process. No one else will accidentally view confidential documents because they've printed prematurely or been forgotten in a print tray. And no one but the job's originator can release the documents to the print tray.

3. Chargeback processes.

Print tracking allows businesses access to print volumes by department, users, and even clients. The process helps organizations allocate printing expenses and improve accounting and chargeback processes.

4. Mobile printing.

Remote workers need a secure printing solution that won't put your information at risk. The latest copiers support mobile printing solutions that allow users to print on public printers without fear of security issues.

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