5 Tips for Keeping Your Printers in Top Condition

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Your documents drive your Chicago company's business processes, and your copiers and printers are at the center of most of them. Proactive maintenance and high-quality print repair are essential to keep your devices performing at their best. Read on for some tips on how to avoid everything from poor quality images to a shortened device lifespan.

Try These Tips

In true Murphy's Law form, your printer is sure to fail on the day you need it most. To avoid another worst-day-ever for your Chicago office, check out our tips for routine maintenance and print repair.

1. Clean Your Devices Regularly Paper fibers can build up on moving parts and print trays. Read the manufacturer's recommendations for routine cleaning to keep your device running properly.

2. Use Manufacture Recommended Parts and Cartridges You may be able to save a few bucks by ordering after-market parts and toner cartridges, but are you saving money in the long run? Low-quality parts can damage your device and void the warranty, and off-brand cartridges may not last as long as those recommended by the manufacturer. To avoid costly mistakes, order parts and cartridges through your equipment provider.

3. Pay Attention to Print Quality A change in print quality is a sign that something is wrong. Contact your provider for help if a simple cleaning doesn't solve the problem.

4. Don't Skip Software Updates Check your device for any missed software updates. If you've noticed problems with communication between your computer and printer, a missed update could be the source.

5. Try Managed Print Services You've got a business to run, and taking time out to deal with print repair isn't the best use of your day. Outsourcing to Managed Print Services means you'll have a team of experts making sure your devices are in top condition and ready to serve your needs.

For expert print repair in the Chicago area, contact us at Proven IT today!

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