6 Tips to Avoid Equipment Downtime

Chicago print repair

Your copiers and printers contribute to your Chicago company's business processes and ultimately, your success. When equipment downtime impacts your workflows, you need expert print repair, and you need it fast.

Avoiding Downtime

The best scenario, of course, is the one where your devices rarely break down. Proper care and maintenance are essential to keeping your equipment online and ready to serve your staff. Here are six tips for doing just that:

  1. Choose the right device. Breakdowns often happen when businesses demand more of their copier than it's designed to handle. Check with your Chicago equipment provider to make sure your devices match your requirements.

  2. Schedule regular maintenance. Regular check-ups and maintenance can keep small problems from turning into larger ones. Contact your Chicago print repair provider to schedule a checkup for all of your devices as soon as possible.

  3. Make cleaning a priority. Over time, your printers and copiers accumulate dust and paper fibers that contribute to paper jams and breakdowns. Consult manufacturer's cleaning specifications to avoid damaging your device.

  4. Turn it off. Your printer will last longer and use less power if it's turned off each night and over the weekend. Hibernation modes are helpful for times when no one needs access to your equipment.

  5. Train your staff. Every printer is different, and time spent training your employees will pay off in fewer paper jams and breakdowns. Your print repair provider can answer any questions you may have about proper usage.

  6. Try a managed print partnership. Managed print services providers use remote monitoring and proactive maintenance to reduce downtimes and costs. They also provide services like fleet right sizing, waste reduction, and automatic resupplying of your consumables. Many companies see cost reductions in their print spend as high as 30%.

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