6 Tips to Protect Your Printer Investment

Chicago print repair

You've invested a lot in your Chicago organization's copiers and printers, and you depend on them to keep projects on schedule. A little routine maintenance can go a long way toward getting the most from your imaging devices.

Six Easy Fixes

Below are a few basic maintenance tips and preventative measures to help you keep your devices in good operating condition.

1. Clean the glass. Use a soft cloth and manufacturer-approved cleaner to remove paper dust and dirt from the scanner area, paper trays and feeds on a regular basis.

2. Keep up wth toner replacement. A low ink or toner warning isn't an emergency, but it is a heads-up you shouldn't ignore indefinitely. Check your manual to know when and how to install a new cartridge.

3. Deploy sleep modes. Most copiers now include sleep modes to conserve energy and reduce wear and tear on sensitive parts. If your model doesn't have this feature, turn it off at the end of the day.

4. Pay attention to placement. Most printers and copiers include specific instructions for placement, including how close the device should be to a wall. Environmental factors also play a key role; soaring temperatures could cause your device to overheat.

5. Use good quality paper. The low-end paper may cause problems due to excess dust from fibers, and it can also be a source of paper jams. For jams that can't be easily corrected, a print repair service call may be in order.

6. Train your staff. Improper use and carelessness can shorten the life of your devices. Make certain your employees understand the correct procedures for all of your Chicago office's imaging devices.

While routine maintenance can often be addressed with simple in-house procedures, bigger problems call for professional assistance. To avoid causing further damage, seek expert print repair assistance immediately.

For expert print repair by industry-certified service technicians in the Chicago area, contact us at Proven Business Systems today!

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