Add a Color Printer to Your Line-up of Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

Is there a color printer in your Chicago company's office equipment line-up? There should be! While there's no need to spring for the cost of color printing for short-term or interoffice documents, a little bit of color on your customer-facing materials can help draw attention where you want it most.

The Power of Color

Color printing draws the reader in and is a powerful tool for directing your customer's attention to your most important information.

Promote Your Brand

Don't miss out on the effectiveness of brand recognition by printing your color-rich logo in black and white. Every sales flyer, tag, invoice, and business card presents another opportunity to cement your Chicago company's culture in the mind of your customers. An in-house, state-of-the-art color printer allows your business to seize every single brand-recognition opportunity that comes your way.

Get Paid Faster

Did you know that an invoice with some color results in faster payments? Since nobody ever argued with the concept of faster payment turnarounds, you'll want to give this some serious consideration. Use color to:

  • Highlight amounts due.
  • Draw attention to due dates.
  • Print call-outs in color to inform customers of policy updates.
  • Repeat the colors used in your logo throughout invoices to reinforce brand recognition.
  • Include color-rich inserts with your invoice to inform customers of new opportunities offered by your Chicago company.

Take Advantage of Trends

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because you were out of promotional materials? With an in-house color printer, you'll eliminate the delays and high costs associated with outsourcing. With the right office equipment, your marketing team can respond to trends and get started right away.

Make sure your office equipment is up to the task of meeting your Chicago company's demands. Get in touch with us at Proven Business Systems to learn more today!

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