Are You Prepared for Disaster? Your Chicago IT Services Provider Can Help!

are you prepared?

Last year's epic natural disasters will never be forgotten. For many of us, it was a lessons-learned event that has us rethinking our disaster preparedness strategy.

How Prepared Are You?

Preparing to protect your loved ones following a disaster is your first call of duty. As a business leader, it's also critical to develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Your employees depend upon you for their livelihoods, and you provide goods or services to a loyal customer base.

Here's how to begin planning:

Contact Your Chicago IT Services Provider

Are your critical documents backed up off-site, and will they be available to you from an alternative location if yours is inaccessible? Contact your Chicago company's IT services provider to find out. They can begin working with you to develop a data backup and disaster recovery plan.

Develop communications systems.

Develop an emergency phone tree and routinely practice using it. When staff members leave your organization, update the information.

A private members-only social media group may work when phone lines and cell towers are out of service, and thousands of calls overwhelm 911 systems. Set up this backup communications system now and set aside monthly dates to practice using it.

Also, plan to communicate with clients by updating your social media page and website as soon as you can. They'll know you're okay, and you can use it to offer aid and to keep in touch with clients concerned about critical projects.

Practice regularly.

A disaster recovery plan that you implement one year and don't talk about until the next may not work when you need it. Plan for regular monthly meetings and address one part of your contingency plan each time. This routine keeps procedures and roles fresh in everyone's mind and can result in a calmer, more reasoned response if the worst happens.

Are you ready for a disaster? Contact Proven IT's Chicago IT Services team to find out today!

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