Are You Prepared for the Next Cyber Attack?

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The world woke up to another cyber attack last week. WannaCry ransomware took individuals and businesses by surprise, but only those that were unprepared.

Missed updates and an I-can-do-that-later attitude cost some companies more than just money. Read on to find out how your Chicago business can avoid becoming another victim in the next worldwide cyber hold-up.

What Went Wrong This Time?

Ransomware attacks shouldn't be taken lightly. In the case of the most recent attack, Windows users who missed installing the latest updates or hadn't backed up their files at a separate location were completely vulnerable. Those with updated operating systems and disaster recovery solutions in place had nothing to worry about.

The attackers threatened to hold files hostage until the owners coughed up $300. Those who waited soon found out that the ransom had nowhere to go but up. Some discovered that giving into demands failed to deliver the intended outcome, as the criminals didn't bother to release the locked data after payment. Imagine that.

Are You Vulnerable?

Unless your Chicago company is in the business of providing IT services, chances are you're not spending enough time on network security. You've probably got other things to do, like promoting that new product or spearheading the groundbreaking for a new location.

If you'd rather spend time growing your business than babysitting your network (or worrying about it when you don't), it's time for a customized IT Services solution. Here's what you can expect:

  • Innovative network design and on-going, comprehensive support.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery services to keep your business moving forward in case the worst happens.
  • Ongoing server maintenance to keep your network operating smoothly.
  • Custom network solutions to address your organization's unique challenges.

At Proven IT, we can help make sure your network and your data are protected from the next attack. Contact us for an assessment today!

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