Are You Working Towards Proper Printing Habits?

As you know, we are in the midst of one of the worst economic recessions in recent history, and businesses all around the country are trying to find the best ways to minimize costs and reduce unnecessary spending wherever possible. One of the best ways that businesses are finding to help reduce costs is by analyzing the way that their office prints, and beginning to eliminate bad printing habits.

With so much excess printing going on that is not necessary to complete necessary job functions, it is quickly becoming a popular means of trimming the fat from a business’s annual printing budget. Here are a few tips to reduce excess printing in your office:

  1. Duplex Printing
  2. Utilize Recycled Materials
  3. Conduct a Print Audit
  4. Implement Managed Print Services to cut down on your office’s printing
  5. Switch to Electronic Forms
  6. Make the change towards a paperless office by utilizing Document and Print Management solutions

These are just a few of the ways that your office can start saving, as well as decrease your carbon footprint. By not taking these steps, you could be wasting 3% or more of your annual budget on printing alone. Don’t let unnecessary printing be the difference between turning a profit and breaking even, or even ending up in the red.

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