Are Your Chicago Copiers a Security Risk?

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Many business owners are choosing to copier leasing for a flexible solution that fits their immediate cost needs. Leasing allows companies to control and predict cash flow during times of flux or growth and simplifies maintenance and repairs. But have you considered that leasing a copier could open your company up to unnecessary security risks? Here's why.

Copier Security Basics

A copier contains a hard drive on it, much like your computer, and can store a significant amount of data. This is an important and convenient feature allowing your copier to work more efficiently and providing necessary functions. But did you know that the feature also saves a copy of everything your print, scan, and copy?

Imagine the documents your copier has seen: pay stubs, HR documents, employee salary and contact information, client information, social security numbers, and proprietary data. Now imagine what happens to this data when you return your leased copier. It's staggering to consider the enormous hole in security that copier and printer hard drives can pose if not handled properly. Moreover, it's not that far-fetched.

In 2010, CBS featured a report exposing the dangers of printer hard drives. A reporter was able to retrieve pay stubs, social security numbers, medical records, and more from four used copiers purchased from a warehouse. Of course, this reporter accessed this information to bring attention to the problem, but imagine what would happen if that kind of data fell into less reliable hands?

Protect Your Business

Luckily, it's simple to protect your business from this security threat. Only take a few practical steps and work in close collaboration with your leasing vendor.

  1. Ask about your vendor's security policy: Your leasing vendor should have a policy addressing copier hard drive security and how they are erased.
  2. Ask to see the hard drive erased or manage the erasure yourself: Your IT team will know how to reset the machine's hard drive to keep your data safe.
  3. Ensure employees are aware of copier security: If any copier or printer is ready for retirement, return, or recycling, make sure proper steps are taken to keep your data safe.

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