Are Your Copiers Causing HIPAA Violations?

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You've done everything you can to familiarize yourself and your staff with HIPAA, but it's possible to be in violation without even realizing it.

With fines as high as $50,000 per infraction, it's critical to make sure you've covered every possible scenario.

One area that frequently goes overlooked are violations occurring on printers and copiers. Read on to find out what your Chicago healthcare facility can do to avoid unintentional HIPAA infractions.

Data In Transit

Hackers never stop looking for ways to steal information, and a man-in-the-middle hack is one of the more common methods for stealing sensitive data from copiers.

If your Chicago facility hasn't enabled encryption for print streams, a document headed toward one of your copiers is vulnerable to interception. You'll never know the difference because the physical copy will still print at the device.

Data On the Device

HIPAA compliance doesn't end with protecting your data from outsiders. Privacy rules require limiting exposure of sensitive information to the "minimum necessary." Printers and copiers stationed in common areas are a concern; private patient information can easily be seen by any employee, from the marketing team to the cafeteria staff.

It's critical to deploy security measures to keep sensitive documents safe during printing to mitigate HIPAA violations on your devices.

  • Physical barriers like locks on print trays can secure documents until the owner is available to retrieve them.

  • Pull printing holds documents in a queue until the authorized user is present at the device. As long as your copiers are on your network, an authorized staff member can walk up to any of them, authenticate, and print their documents.

  • Encryption or data overwrite protection can make information stored on hard drives useless to any unauthorized person who tries to access it.

To learn more about the latest security protocols to protect your Chicago company's copiers, contact us at Proven IT today!

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