Are Your Copiers a Security Risk? Find Out Now!

Chicago copiers

Unlimited access to your Chicago firm's copiers used to be no big deal; except for a few pennies here and there for prints, the damage was minimal. Today's copiers are a different story, with wireless devices connected directly to networks. Here's what you must do today to mitigate your risks.

1. Assess Your Situation

Knowing where you stand is your Chicago company's first line of defense. Unfortunately, print infrastructures are often unmanaged, and business leaders may not know how many copiers their company has acquired, let alone whether they are secure. An assessment by managed print services experts is an effective way to find out how many of your copiers pose security risks. A managed print assessment may also reveal hidden costs your company could do without.

2. Control Access

Access control is now a business imperative. Begin with these protocols:

  • Storage: Control access to documents stored on copiers with passwords, PIN numbers, and other security protocols.
  • Vendor passwords: Have you changed the default passwords on all of your copiers?
  • Physical access: Controlling physical access to your copiers is an easy way to curb unauthorized use.
  • Pull printing: Unclaimed documents are a security risk. Require users to be present at the device with pull printing solutions.
  • Logging off: Automatic log-off keeps unauthorized personnel from accessing your devices under another user's credentials.

3. Safe Storage

Devices left in unsecured storage areas are a problem; hard drives can be stolen or hacked. Remove or scrub hard drives in storage and during end-of-lease situations.

4. Tracking and Notifications

Remote monitoring and print tracking are two ways businesses can find out who has accessed their copiers. Audit and log-on notifications, time-outs for queued print jobs, and attack notifications are all security features your business must implement as soon as possible.

Get in touch with us at Proven IT to find out what you can do to secure your Chicago organization's copiers, beginning today!

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