The Benefits of Cloud Storage for SMBs

cloud storage

Is your Chicago SMB taking full advantage of cloud storage solutions? If your onsite storage solutions are insufficient or you're just looking for an affordable alternative, cloud storage is worth considering. Here's a rundown of the major benefits.

24/7/365 access to your documents.

Work doesn't look quite the way it did even just ten years ago, and an increasing number of business leaders and knowledge workers are taking advantage of the cloud to work while away from the office. For many, the home has become the office and even those who prefer working from corporate headquarters like the convenience of 24/7 access provided by cloud storage solutions. IT Services providers now offer secure data backup in the cloud, making the transition to mobility even easier.

Less expensive infrastructure requirements.

With IT Services providers maintaining, managing and supporting your cloud storage, your Chicago company can take capital previously spent on expensive hardware and infrastructure and reroute it to core business initiatives instead.

Data backup and disaster recovery.

With most of your essential documents stored in your Chicago IT Services provider's data center, you'll be covered in case of a catastrophic event. Data backup and recovery ensures your company is protected from hardware failure, natural disasters, malware attacks, and other events. Even if the worst happens and your office and equipment are destroyed, your team can access your data and continue operations from any location with internet access.

Lower costs.

An in-house IT staff may require more resources than your small Chicago business can access. Outsourcing to IT Services gives your SMB the same opportunities as your much larger competitors without the cost.

No matter what level of IT Services your Chicago company requires, Proven IT can handle it. For custom solutions and access to skilled IT professionals, contact us at Proven IT to learn more today!

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