The Benefits of Document Management for the Construction Industry

Document Management in Construction, Chicago

We're all familiar with the inherent problems with paper storage systems. For those in the construction industry, the sheer volume of documents for just one project can be staggering. From the planning to the execution stage, wasting time searching for a particular piece of paper is inefficient and costly. Add to that the very real possibility of the loss of a critical document or a missed update, and it's easy to see where a change is imperative. Many construction firms are finding a difference in an electronic document management system and for good reason.

What is Document Management?

Electronic document management is a computer system using software to store, manage, and track electronic documents and scanned images of paper files. It eliminates inefficient paper-based document systems and provides businesses with a backed-up and secure method to manage their information.

Change the Way You Do Business

Construction industry applications include fast storage and retrieval of blueprints, bids, contracts, receipts, permits, etc.

  • Simplify and speed up group approval processes by digitizing bids, contracts, and proposals. Documents will be visible by all parties, and audit trails will show who accessed the documents and when, ensuring no one is left out of the process. Changes and updates are visible immediately, while the original document is still available for review.

  • Digitize all paperwork involved in the financial process, making the purchase-to-pay system more efficient and eliminating errors and costly delays.

  • Avoid having to print changes and updates across the project, eliminating time-wasting distribution and inefficient storage solutions.

  • Make sure the parties involved can keep track of all facets of a project, from planning to execution.

  • Access data and share updates immediately from any location. Send and receive alerts whenever changes are made to drawings or documents, or to notify team members of upcoming planning meetings.

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