Boost Your Productivity With These Office Facelift Hacks

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Productivity is the name of the game when it comes to business. If you are more productive, you are more profitable, more successful, and more responsive. However, especially in today's modern world, there are countless things that distract us and steal our productivity. ##Make Your Office A Productivity Haven In honor of the new year and the coming spring, let's look at a few simple but effective ways to jumpstart your productivity. Sometimes the difference between a good day and a great one is just a change of scenery, so here are our tips for an office facelift to boost your productivity. ###1. Go for Color Ahh, the soothing color of clinic white. It is a typical choice of office buildings every due to its light-reflecting qualities and—let's face it—the fact that no one had to decide on a color. Take a second look at those walls and decide on a new color scheme. Do some research if you are looking to set the mood: blue can signal the brain to be productive while green can be soothing and relaxing. ###2. Open a Window If you have windows in your office, we hope they are not constantly covered with ugly window treatments. If your blinds need an upgrade, consider choose ones that let in as much light as possible. Natural light wakes up our brains and signals our bodies that it is time to get moving. ###3. Add Some Personality Your office should reflect your personality, and adding your own touch can help you feel more relaxed and creative. Place a few house plants and family photos around to put your stamp on the place. ###4. Spring Clean It is that time of year that we all start thinking about decluttering. Spend some time this week going through your paper and office supply clutter and clearing away unnecessary items. You'll feel ready to conquer anything once you've removed unnecessary baggage. For more office tips, check out [our blog](

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