To Buy or to Fix: The Ultimate Office Equipment Question

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Your office printer has served you well, we hope, but is she worth fixing one more time? We would like to offer you some pros and cons to fixing your old printer vs. purchasing a new model. After all, most businesses depend rather heavily on their printing equipment, so it is an important question to ask yourself.

Fixing The Old Machine

Some benefits that could be considered when you're thinking of fixing your old machine are these:

  • Lower up-front cost
  • Equipment you are already used to using

Admittedly, it makes more sense to fix recently purchased equipment as those have a higher likelihood of staying fixed. However, if you find yourself fixing the same issues over and over, it might be time to take a look at purchasing new equipment.

Buying New Office Equipment

Some common concerns when buying a new machine are

  • Up-front cost
  • Deciding which printer to buy
  • Hoping that you choose the right balance between affordable and quality
  • And functionality

That is why it is smart to make a list of the things you need before going looking for your new printer. If you decide on a set of functions and a price range, you will not find yourself forgetting or compromising. Also, make sure you do some research on pricing. There is a certain threshold that just screams "cheap, short-life machine." You do not want to get that low.

We would love to walk with you through that process, so if we can help, please give us a call!

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