Can Your Office Equipment Multitask? Ours Can!

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Office equipment used to be comprised of the all-essential desktop computer, a fax machine, a scanner, an inkjet printer or two, and a copier. Old school Chicago offices may have even kept an electric typewriter on staff, just in case. Thanks to new office equipment technologies, everything has changed—and for the better.

Multitasking is [Not] Overrated

You and I may not be that great at multitasking, but the office equipment industry has come up with a solution that makes it look easy. Today's copiers and multifunction printers are so much better than their predecessors that they're hardly in the same category. You could say they've taken basic office equipment and transformed it into a jack-of-all-trades staff member many Chicago businesses depend upon every day. What can you expect from a new MFP?

  • All-in-one functionality— MFPs reduce office clutter and save time by combining a printer, copier, scanner, and fax into one space-saving device.
  • Big demands— Multifunction systems can handle high-speed, high-volume printing in high resolution black-and-white or color.
  • Finishing options— Why pay extra for outsourcing when your in-house office equipment solution can collate, fold, staple, saddle-stitch, and punch holes?
  • Paperless workflows— Go paperless, go green, go faster. Scanning to workflows, folders, cloud storage, and email eliminates printing, saves time, and frees up storage space.
  • Mobile access— BYOD employees and company-owned mobile device users need a secure, wireless printer to keep their projects moving forward. A multifunction system is a perfect solution.
  • Security solutions— Print security is a growing requirement for Chicago companies. Make sure your office equipment can handle it by upgrading to a new multifunction system.

Ready to give the power of multitasking a try? Get in touch with us at Proven IT for a demonstration of the latest office equipment technologies today!

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