Canon Encourages Conservation – Operate with Efficiency In-Mind

Chicago Print Management

Canon is one of the biggest names when it comes to the print industry. This international brand is known for the equipment it makes. Businesses in various field benefit from software and other products that Canon produces. This year this company was recognized by its encouragement to conserve. Canon was awarded Buyers Laboratory Inc.’s Winter Pick for 2014. This award was for energy efficiency, which is encouraged by Canon. Businesses around the world are looking for green techniques that lead to more efficiency. In some cases, these techniques use fewer supplies. These are some of the common supplies related to print activities: • Printer Paper • Ink • Folders • Storage Boxes Resources, such as, energy are required to operated printers and copiers. Achieving goals of conservation is seen in the product lines of Canon. Their product lines of multi-functional equipment points to these goals. It is possible to transform office activities in a way that they utilize fewer natural resources and less energy. Recycled Supplies Studies have shown that the US is responsible for 30% of the world’s consumption of paper products. Among these products are those that are used in businesses offices around the country. Recycled supplies can help to address this issue. Recycled paper products are available by different brands. This type of purchase reduces the destruction of trees and benefits the environment. Companies that supply ink products also have options to customers interested in recycling. Efficient Equipment The equipment that you use in your office should be efficient. This is why Canon offers products and equipment that meets this need. Multi-functional equipment fits into this category. These are items that perform more than one function from the same machine. There are printers that also work to fax, scan and copy. Offices use these instead of purchasing individual products for these activities. This conserves energy on a large scale. Canon and similar international companies have become pioneers when it comes to conserving energy. These are not only top sellers in the print and copy industries. They are thinking about their carbon foot prints and the materials they use. Offering products that are efficient is one solution to this issue. It is also possible to design business activities to consider the environment. Better practices can become a habit that benefits the world as a whole.

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