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As you prepare to lease a multifunction copier for your office, you should consider the factors of that lease. You should be aware of how the leases and other services are structured so you can guard your Chicago business against hidden costs.

How are prints calculated?

When you have a cost per copy (CPC) plan, you'll want to know how your 11x17 prints will be calculated. Some prints charge 2 "clicks" and other vendors only charge 1 "click."

Who will pay for service copies or prints during service calls?

Many test sheets get printed when a service person is working on the equipment. Will you have to pay for impressions being made?

Do they charge for delivery on supplies that are not part of your CPC contract?

No one wants to get disappointing bills. Do your homework now and find out where this charge falls. Most vendors will charge you shipping on supply items like toner or drums.

What will happen after the lease?

Ask your vendor how they address lease expiration and removals. You can normally expect to pay the return fee, crating and packaging before the return. Find out if your copier leases will end with the equipment. Will it automatically renew or is it on a month-by-month basis?

What if something goes wrong?

You will also want to know your options if the copiers you receive fail on the job.

What happens to my hard drive after lease termination?

It's key to consider the threats involved in leasing a copier. Will everything copied or scanned be saved on the hard drive? Find out what happens to your machine's hard drive if you return your equipment at the end of a lease.

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