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Are you prepared for disaster to strike? You can never be too prepared for unfortunate situations that rise, affecting large and small companies alike. Over half of businesses that undergo extreme data loss will close their doors by the next year. If you lose your data, you have lost everything. The stakes are high. This is why having a disaster recovery plan is so important.

Defining Disaster Recovery Plans

A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures conducted to protect and recover your IT systems. This enacts when a disaster strikes -- either natural or man-made. Your business is not immune from data tragedies such as weather-induced power cuts, fires, flooding, spillages, crimes like theft and vandalism and don't forget computer viruses.

The Advantages of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your business effectively use disaster recovery plans for the prevention, detection, and recovery of your data?

  1. Prevention involves using software and regular routines to minimize the risk of potential threats. You should make sure you are regularly backing up your data, educating staff on recognizing suspicious activity, install email and anti-spam filters and investing in an uninterruptible power supply.
  2. Detection is the process that includes spotting and responding to potential risks facing you IT systems. This would mean backup reports, regular anti-virus scans, fire/smoke alarms, server health reports and other health checks for your servers.
  3. Recovery entails having a specific and current plant with corrective measures to follow up after a disastrous event. It also means recovering data from backup and having IT services on hand to support you in your recovery journey.

Prevention, detection, and recovery have never been more necessary than in offices today. Contact us about IT services for your Chicago office and about establishing an effective disaster recovery plan today.

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