Chicago IT Services: Easing the Transition to the Cloud

Chicago IT Services

If you are a business owner, you already know one thing for sure: change is hard. Somehow, humans are hardwired to look for consistency and stability. This is not a bad thing—until it collides with what's best for the company.

For business, change is often a good thing. Company change can drive better processes, enhanced customer service, and new revenue opportunities. Without change, your company cannot move forward.

Moving to the Cloud: An Essential Change

Today's businesses have been asked to make countless small and big changes in the past decade to accommodate and adapt to technology. Technological changes have made companies more responsive, more connected, and faster than ever. One such change is the cloud: a move away from storing information locally to storing everything "up" there.

But how do you make such a drastic change? Choosing cloud technology over traditional hardware for apps, infrastructure, server, and storage is a significant step. Don't take it on all at once. Here are a few ideas.

Determine Your Costs

It can be hard to waltz into your CFO's office and tell him or her that all that hardware your company spent money on should be replaced by the cloud. Make sure you have your ROI mapped out, including the additional benefits of increased security and backups.

Get Buy-In

Any large-scale change requires company-wide buy-in. Before jumping your employees and management with this change, get department-level buy-in and feedback. Make sure everyone is aware of the reasoning behind moving to the cloud and get serious about incorporating employee feedback into your process.

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