Chicago Office Equipment: 3 Essential Copier Features

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You may think that copier technology hasn't changed much over the past years, and you'd be right as far as basic functions are concerned. But beyond the old mechanics of physical printing, nearly everything has changed in the world of copiers. These machines are now more efficient, more secure, and more integrated into your office than ever.

The copiers of years past were standalone devices that couldn't communicate with other machines in your office. Today, they're networked, connected, and more productive than ever. In the market for a new copier?

Features You Shouldn't Compromise On


Today's copiers are more convenient because they connect to your network, but they're also more susceptible to outside and internal threats. That's why today's innovative industry leaders have made their copiers airtight with security measures like encrypted hard drives, secure print technology, and job tracking software.

Cost Control

It's easy for printing costs to get out of hand. The right copier will make it simple to lower overall costs, however, with controlled access. You can restrict who can print in color and how often, as well as assign print jobs to departments to users for better print accounting. With less waste, you'll be saving money and reducing your environmental impact.

Mobile Printing

Nearly everyone carries a smartphone with them today, and more business professionals than ever are using them on the job. Today's best copiers are equipped with mobile printing solutions that allow you to print easily from a smartphone or tablet, keeping productive at its peak.

If you're ready to purchase a new copier, give us a call. We'll help you find the right printer to meet your company's unique needs.

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