Chicago Office Equipment: How to Find the Best Copier

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What's the recipe for frustration? The exact ingredients may vary, but we're fairly sure the recipe includes working hard but having little to show for it.

That can be the case if your copier isn't working well: in fact, your office copier is probably one of the few pieces of equipment that can't be down all day without affecting almost every employee. So why don't most companies invest in more copier uptime?

More Uptime Means More Productivity

Equipment uptime is key to your company's continued success and productivity. But too many businesses look at the initial price tag of a high-quality copier and think it's unaffordable. Going with a cheaper copier, however, will only cost you more in the long run. Cheap office equipment costs more to maintain, has to be replaced more often, and worst of all, costs you lost opportunity.

If your copier is constantly down or breaking, you're wasting time:

  • diagnosing problems
  • calling a technician
  • waiting for a technician to come and fix the problem
  • verifying that the fix is working

These costs add up fast.

Why Quality Matters

Purchasing a high-quality digital copier may seem like a high cost, but over time, the right copier will pay for itself. To find the right copier, work with a trusted local source. Here are the steps we generally advise for finding the right copier or printing solution for your needs.

  1. Find a trusted dealer: Work with someone local and a brand you can trust.
  2. Determine your needs: Think about what your company prints on a regular basis, and determine what you need based on that.
  3. Purchase a copier with a warranty: Make sure your copier is covered for fixes and problems to maximize your uptime.

For more information about finding the right copier, contact our Chicago office today.

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