Chicago Print Repair: Is Your Printer Ready for Retirement?

Chicago Print Repair

Is your printer giving you grief—again? Maybe your device isn't acting up without good reason. Have you considered that it may be time for a new printer? Over time, printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners wear out, especially if they aren't high-quality to begin with. Eventually, it's time for them to retire.

Here are the tell-tale signs that your printer is ready for you to throw it a retirement party.

1. It's Showing Up Late to Work

You send your printer a request—something simple like printing a 2-page document for your meeting in half an hour. Your computer tells you the print job sent, but when you walk to the device—no 2-page document. Your printer is asleep, or perhaps mysteriously off, and takes a long time to reboot. This is a good sign your printer is too old for this.

2. The Bills Are Adding Up

After a while, a printer's warranty runs out. With cheaper models, this generally happens right around the time that your printer needs regular maintenance and repairs just to keep up with the demands of day-to-day work. After a while, it becomes clear that it would be cheaper to get a new printer than to keep repairing the old one.

3. You Can't Teach it New Tricks

We're guessing that a printer from an era before email was invented probably won't magically learn how to email your scanned documents. What is your company missing out on because of your old device's lack of functions? You're probably wasting time on tasks that a new printer could handle.

Is it time for your printer to retire? Don't worry; we'll find the right replacement for you. Contact us today!

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