Choosing a Business Mobile Printing Strategy

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Even without a mobile print policy or strategy in place, your Chicago company's employees are probably using existing tools to print from their mobile devices. While this hands-off approach may be the most straightforward choice for business administrators, it may not be the wisest.

Consumer vs. Business Solutions

Mobile printing apps and native print capabilities are readily available, and you've probably used them at home. For consumer-level use and some small home businesses, free solutions like Apple AirPrint and the Android's Print Hammermill or PrinterOn are a hassle-free solution. But does your Chicago business require something more?

Consumer Solutions

The pros and cons of a free consumer mobile print solution include:

  • No cost —Mobile printing apps are standard on many mobile devices.
  • Simple to operate —In most cases, no IT assistance is required.
  • No guarantees —While native printing features provide error-free solution most of the time, they aren't guaranteed to work with all office equipment.

Business Solutions

Printing to your Chicago office equipment isn't as simple as it was before wireless connectivity. Concerns about print security are on the rise, and the best way to address them is to seek assistance from professional office equipment and managed print providers. Here's why:

  • Professional mobile printing solutions support a wide variety of mobile devices and wireless office equipment.
  • Security solutions are a part of the package and vary from pull-printing to user authentications and data encryption.
  • Restrictions on certain print jobs can lower printing costs and protect your office equipment from common security threats.
  • Automatic discovery locates the most efficient device from a line-up of office equipment choices.
  • With a mobile print solution and the latest office equipment in place, employees won't resort to risky workarounds to print documents.

Does your company have a secure mobile print solution? Contact Proven IT to begin the conversation today.

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