Choosing the Right Multifunction Printer for Your Office Needs

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A multifunction printer is a great choice for offices looking for ways to save money and streamline office workflows. Combining copy, print, fax, and scan into one efficient, multi-use device can reap big benefits. Before you begin your shopping trip, it's a good idea to make a list of critical functions your office needs to run smoothly. It's also a good idea to look to the future, considering features you might need as your business grows.

Finding the Right Mix

  • A need for speed.
    A busy office with multiple users can't afford to wait on a printer that can't keep up with demands. A good place to start is to find out how many pages per minute the multifunction printer can handle, as well as the size of the paper tray. If your office typically produces a lot of documentation, look for a unit with a monthly duty cycle that can handle your requirements.

  • Ethernet or wireless?
    For multiple users, a wired network port will allow several computers to communicate with the printer. Another option is Wi-Fi capability to allow wireless printing from mobile devices.

  • Bidirectional communication.
    A great feature of many multifunction printers is an interface which allows users to check the status of jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device.

Paper Handling Options

  • Want to save paper (and money)?
    Many multifunction printers offer paper-saving features that can save your office a considerable amount of money. One of these is automatic duplexing, or two-sided printing. Consider this: If your office typically prints 500 sheets a week, automatic duplexing could conceivably save 13,000 sheets of paper a year. Besides saving your company money, it's environmentally responsible. Some multifunction printers also offer default settings for certain documents, like automatic black and white for emails, and skipping unnecessary pages.

  • Finishing capabilities.
    Many MFPs feature professional finishing techniques previously only found through outsourcing. To print company literature in-house, look for features like collating, stapling, hole punching, and sharp monochrome text and/or exceptional quality color printing.

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