Common Copier Leasing Questions

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Every company faces the decision of buying or leasing copiers. It only makes sense to tackle some of those frequently asked questions that accompany that decision.

What exactly does leasing mean?

First of all, let's define our terms. Leasing copiers involves picking a payment term (usually around 12-64 months) and lease type (FMV or $1 out).

One of the first considerations is the cost. Leasing a copier can cost anywhere between $100 to $650 a month. Will you be able to afford to make monthly payments for the duration of your lease term? Leasing a copier doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you are the owner of a new business and aren't sure about the future of your business. A copier lease is difficult to break. As a new business, you may struggle with receiving a lease from the bank in the first place. Another factor in the mix is the number of copies you make in a month. If it is fewer than 700, it may be better to own your own machine.

However, if you only need a machine for a short period of time, then leasing is a great choice. Trade shows, accounting practices during tax season or law firms with big cases coming are situations where leasing happens with success.

Buying a copier

Buying copiers means you instantly own the machine the minute you pay for it. If you always have pressing printing needs, then it seems practical to purchase a machine and make its permanent home your office. You will want to check into service agreements when it comes time to buy your machine. Many people are confused about this, but buyers will usually receive a service contract.

Considering leasing or buying copiers for your Chicago business? Contact us to make arrangements.

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