Common Printer Problems That Could Be Telling You Something

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These days, when is anyone not running on a tight schedule? In the business world, productivity is more important than ever since industries are becoming more competitive. We rely on our technology to help us get the job done, but at times, that same technology can be a bottleneck in the process, not a helpful tool. Such is the case when you run into familiar printer problems.

Unlike your car, your printer doesn't have a "check engine light." Your printer may not show you obvious signs that it needs regular repairs or routine maintenance, and it can even be difficult to tell when it's time to replace your printer with a newer model. But if you pay close attention, you'll notice signals that tell you it may be time for your printer's "check-up" with a repair technician. Here's what to watch out for.

  • Paper jams: Yes, paper jams are a classic printer problem, and they're certainly not rare or serious. But paper jams are often caused by dust in your printer's mechanisms or faults somewhere in the paper feeders. If you have a printer that's always jamming, it's worth a call to your repair technician to find out where the culprit is lurking.
  • Toner lines: It's not just annoying to see lines in your finished paper product; it's also a sign of problems inside your printer. Often, toner lines are caused by problems with the printer drum, fuser, or scanner glass. Either way, this is probably a time to call your repair technician.
  • Slow performance: Does your printer take an agonizingly long time to receive commands? It could be that your device is simply too far away from the wireless router to receive signals quickly. In other instances, you're just working with an old printer that isn't up to the speed of today's machines, and it's time to find a new model.

Whether you're ready to repair or replace your printer, we can help. Give us a call today at our Chicago office.

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