Copier or Multifunction Printer?

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With today's advanced technology in copiers and printers, these machines perform multiple functions well—making it difficult to tell the difference between multifunction printers and copiers. Standalone copiers are becoming rarer in modern offices since most printers also perform copying functions. Some businesses still choose standalone copiers for a high volume jobs, but many prefer today's copiers and multifunction devices. It can be difficult to tell these machines apart these days, making it hard to choose which is best for your company. Here are the distinguishing features of both.

Copier Function and Features

When it comes to standalone copiers, they perform only one function: copying. But today's digital copiers are networked to your Wi-Fi, making it easy to use as a printer and no longer only a walk-up device. Copiers also perform scanning functions, usually with either a flatbed scanner or a document feeder. Copiers often also provide finishing features such as stapling, sorting, and binding.

Multifunction Printer Function and Features

Multifunction printers perform several functions, generally including some combination of printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. Multifunction printers are often shared by an entire office or department and tend to be larger devices. Multifunction printers can be more expensive upfront, but they also save costs by consolidating devices in your office.

Choosing the Right Device for Your Business

When it comes to choosing between copiers and multifunction printers, it's best to consider what your company's needs are. Do you regularly scan and copy large volumes of documents? If so, a copier can be a good option. If you're looking for a machine that can handle the brunt of the office's document processing work, however, a multifunction printer is a better way to go.

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