Cost-cutting Facts about Multifunction Systems

Chicago Copiers

Some managers don't know enough about about their printing fleets, and this causes problems. Thousands of paper products are wasted, and there's little accountability among employees when it comes to printing. This lack of knowledge gets expensive fast.

Whether you run a big or small Chicago business, you are probably weighing the benefits of copiers vs. a multifunction system. You've probably heard that multifunction systems can save you money when you use it to replace your copiers, printers and fax machines.

Does that money-saving madness seem a little vague and out of reach? Let's look at the practical ways that a multifunction can cut costs and do the heavy lifting for you.

The cost-cutting, cold facts about multifunction systems

  1. Save on energy costs. Simply upgrading your office equipment saves you money via energy usage. The multifunction systems are designed to shut down when not in use, therefore saving you on unnecessary bills.

  2. Save on ink and other supply costs. The heart of the matter is that multifunction systems are geared to be efficient in supply usage. Along with their profitable supply needs, it's just plain cheaper to buy supplies for one machine rather than for a number of copiers, printers and fax machines.

  3. Save on printing. In addition to the cost-cutting facts above, it's harder to establish paper rations with copiers and printers. Multifunction systems are all about reducing the amount you print each month. With a plan and print management in place, the machine can only print the set amount of pages that you choose.

So, as you can see, the multifunction system hype is backed up with some cost-cutting, cold facts. Don't take our word for it, though, try the system out and contact us today to discuss an upgrade in your office equipment.