Data Backup and Recovery

Disaster, no one ever thinks it will happen to them but unfortunately it does.

Most of the time we can’t stop it from happening but what we can do is be prepared for when the time does come.

In a business there are many files and documents that contain important information that businesses can’t afford to lose. If you only store your files on the desktop then you are risking losing everything.

Today’s technology has made it possible to store everything in a “cloud” that gives you access to all of your information from any computer in the world with internet access. Having a backup and disaster recovery plan in the smartest business move you will make.

Cloud storage is not only great for times when disasters occur but it is also beneficial for a company that has multiple locations and has files employees all around the world need access to. With Data Backup and Disaster Recovery from Proven you know that your data will always be easily recovered if disaster strikes. Don’t let your business be stuck without a comprehensive data backup that can send you back to square one!

Additional Comprehensive IT Services offered by Proven Business Systems include:

  • Server Deployment
  • Server Maintenance
  • PC Services
  • Router/Firewall Deployment

This software allows you to store documents, personal information, images, spreadsheets and credit card information. Anything you would store on a normal desktop can be stored in the cloud.

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