Database Backup and Disaster Recovery = Peace of Mind

Chicago IT Services

Companies who experience catastrophic data loss are often not in a position to recover their company's collective knowledge. Companies who fail to plan ahead for data loss can find it nearly impossible to regain lost ground. Most never recover completely, and some close their doors completely within five years of the loss. Outsourcing your infrastructure to IT Services for database backup and recovery can give your company the insurance it needs to reopen in the event of a disaster.

Plan Ahead for Problems

A good database recovery administrator covers your bases, making sure your company is prepared in the event of a disaster. While performance is important, if your system runs efficiently but isn't backed up, it won't make any difference to your company in the event of catastrophic data loss. Your IT Services provider can help your company have the best of both worlds.

Preparing Ahead for Loss

Your database is at risk on a daily basis on a number of fronts. Information loss can occur from:

  • Instance failures can occur and include internal exceptions, operating system failures, or other software failure. These can cause database corruption, but a simple restart usually remedies the situation.

  • Application or transaction failures can be caused by running programs at the wrong time or in the wrong order, or using the wrong input. Database recovery as soon as possible can minimize damage.

  • Media failures are the result of deleted files, damage to storage devices, or system failures, making data unreadable or invalid.

What is Database Backup and Recovery?

Simply defined, database backup is a copy of your data. It safeguards your company's information in the event of a loss of any kind, from application errors to natural disaster. Backup allows your information to be restored, so your company can get back to business sooner.

At its most basic level, database backup and recovery safeguards your information in several ways:

  • Online redo logs are maintained on different disks, with multiple copies maintained as backups.
  • Your online redo logs are backed up and archived in several different locations or are backed-up frequently.
  • Multiple copies of your data's control file are maintained.
  • Data files and control files are backed up frequently and stored in safe locations, preferably on different media.

Your Chicago business can gain peace of mind and Database Backup and Disaster Recovery through professional IT Services from Proven Business Systems. Contact us today!