Do Disasters Hold the Trump Card over Your Documents?

Chicago Office Equipment

The average 3-drawer cabinet holds 18,000 sheets of paper. If there are even a few critical documents in there, you may be asking for trouble. No one anticipates disasters, but the fact is they can happen without a moment's notice. A fire could turn your documents into ashes. A flood could soak the words from the pages and destroy your office equipment. Tornadoes could obliterate the file boxes or the business as a whole. Hurricanes, widespread diseases, or unexpected robbers or acts of violence all hold the trump card over your precious papers. This is why we recommend the proper backup and digital storage for your critical documents.

What kind of documents are important to protect?

All documents are stored in your office for a reason, but the most crucial ones are the documents that are:

  1. Sensitive to downtime
  2. Involve legal or financial information
  3. Hold data on market share and reputation
  4. Safeguard irreplaceable assets and office equipment

Examples of vital documents include invoices, contracts, customer records, patient data, audit documentation, research reports, intellectual property, etc.

What happens if I lose these documents?

  1. Loss of funds
  2. Delayed revenue
  3. More expenses
  4. Fines
  5. Customer disappointment
  6. Loss of Customers
  7. Loss of more business

What is the answer?

Obviously we can't guarantee against fires and violence, tornadoes or floods, but we can help you ensure that your documents are safe and secure with document management. This is a system that allows businesses to scan, store, manage and retrieve document information digitally. Document management has become an amazing, affordable way for companies to go paperless and make their documents easily accessible to the right people (all while stay confidential and disaster-proof).

Contact us about upgrading your office equipment or enacting document management.