Document Management: The Cost-Effective Solution

At times, your company has to dig deep to ways to save money. Other times, the solution to savings is right in front of you. Document management can be that easy solution for your organization, especially when you look at the ways poorly maintained documents are costing you money.

Some estimates suggest that four trillion documents are stored in physical file cabinets every year while the average document is copied 19 times. Documents are lost every day due to the insecurities and vulnerabilities of paper-based filing systems, and replacing these files is incredibly costly. In fact, a company can expect to pay an average of $220 in labor alone to replace a lost document, and even more if you factor in printing costs and possible customer loss.

Even digital solutions are dangerous and costly when they are unmanaged. Without search functions or uniform storage procedures, hard drives become digital landfills that are easy to hack and hard to search. In addition, information is scattered across different computers throughout your office, even with the use of shared drives.

Document Management is the Solution

When you consider the expense of paper-based filing systems, document management is the obvious choice. Information is your organization's most valuable asset. With easy use, access, and integration, document management can revolutionize the way your company stores and uses your information, allowing you to harness the competitive advantage that shared knowledge gives you.

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