Donating Your Old Copiers? Stop Everything and Do This First!

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No one would even consider donating or reselling their old computer without first checking (and then double-checking) to make sure their data wipe was successful, yet every day, individuals and businesses make this mistake with their copiers and multifunction printers. Read on to learn why a copier isn't just a copier, and what you should do to keep your data secure.

Not Just a Copier

Since 2002, your Chicago copiers ceased their primary function of just making copies and became more like a computer. Hard disk drives were added to copiers to improve they way they worked and to keep up with consumer demands. The results were impressive, and nearly all copiers now store an image of every document that passes through them. That means your business copiers and the one sitting on your desk at home contain a copy of everything on your friendly neighborhood hacker's Christmas wish list. And then some.

While many people give their old copiers to a trusted friend or business partner, the risk doesn't end there. Perhaps your friend will donate your copiers to a charity or recycling center where they're later stolen from a warehouse. What then?

Stop Everything and Do This

Most reputable vendors are well aware of the steps required to protect your data at end-of-service periods. Their certified technicians know how to overwrite or scrub the data stored on your Chicago copiers' hard drives. If you're thinking of picking up new copiers for your Chicago organization from a department store or big box office supply chain, you might want to reconsider. As a veteran office equipment provider Proven Business Systems can deliver the service, expertise, and security assurances you need to keep your business moving forward.

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