Don't Ignore Preventative Copier Maintenance

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Whether it's your car or your copiers, repairs are inevitable. It's also true that ignoring preventative maintenance is a guaranteed fast-track to parts breakdowns and other failures. To keep downtimes to a minimum, careful upkeep of your copiers and other devices is imperative. Here are some proven methods to help your Chicago business stay on top of maintenance.

A Reliable Service Partner

Even if you purchase the most expensive copiers the industry has to offer, you'll still experience downtimes if you neglect regular maintenance. The first step is to find a reliable service provider with a record of proven performance. Here's what to look for:

  1. Awards: The industry seeks out and honors the best service providers each year. Check out the awards, certifications, and honors Proven Business Systems has earned in the last several years.

  2. Testimonials: If the company you're considering to service your copiers can't or won't provide testimonials, keep looking.

  3. Technology Partners: Look for a provider that partners with the best manufacturers in the industry. You'll have access to the latest technologies as well as the assurance that your copiers are among the best in the field.

A Plan of Action

There's more than one way to make sure your copiers are ready to serve your Chicago company's needs. A service agreement is a good option and can help you keep on top of regular maintenance and repairs.

Another popular method is Managed Print Services. Under a Managed Print strategy, experts monitor and manage print infrastructures to help reduce costs and improve productivity. Chicago businesses who deploy Managed Print Services see print-spend reductions as high as 30%. From reduced printing waste to streamlined print operations, the benefits can add up very quickly.

Managed Print Experts also take over routine maintenance and repairs of copiers and other devices, reducing downtimes and optimizing imaging devices for overall better performance.

To learn more ways Prove Business Systems can help your Chicago organization succeed, contact us today.

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