Don't Take a Chance With Your Company's Data

Chicago IT Services

Here's a grim little fact you may not have heard: Ninety-one percent of businesses responding to a 2013 Ponemon Institute study say they experienced some kind IT downtime during the previous two years. When looked at from a different angle, only 9% did not experience downtime. That's such a small group, it puts them in the same percentage as the 9% who approve of Congress. Most of us could honestly say we've yet to come across one of the 9% in that latter group.

Disaster, Defined

Disasters come in many different forms and are not limited to those caused by wind and waves. New statistics show that hackers now have small businesses in their sights, with one in five companies falling victim each year. The average cost to each of them comes in at around $9000. Even more sobering, studies show around 60% close their doors completely. The National Cyber Security Alliance points out that many small businesses don't have policies and safeguards in place to protect their information from internet hackers and unintentional breaches initiated by employees.

Get ProactiveÑIt's Cheaper

At $9000 per cyberattack (or worse, closing down shop completely), it's clear that becoming proactive by having a data backup and disaster recovery plan in place is far less expensive than leaving things to chance. Even if your business manages to recover, a serious security breach can damage your company's reputation, causing loyal customers to lose faith. Rebranding your business after hackers access sensitive customer information is expensive, not to mention the fines and ongoing legal costs to make restitution.

Get Back to Work Faster

Fast recovery time is at the heart of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. Even if the worst happens, and we sincerely hope it doesn't, your company is protected. A cyber attack that may have brought your company to its knees can be addressed and stopped long before it has a chance to negatively impact your business. Attacks that could have been disasters of bankruptcy magnitude are turned into mere blips on your computer screen, keeping your data secure and your future bright.

Don't gamble with your company's proprietary information! Chicago businesses can count on Proven Business Systems for data backup and disaster recovery. Contact us today for more information!