Economic Sense for Your Office Equipment

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Economic sense is on call in office equipment situations. Each office is different, but we're all searching for ways to save money. Many companies choose to lease copiers instead of purchase them. What is the reasoning that gets them to this point? Let's find out.

Leasing a copier is more cost-effective.

Purchasing a high-quality multifunction device can cost thousands of dollars and that affects your budget dramatically. When you enter a 24 or more month copier lease agreement, you are spreading this cost and getting access to a high-end piece of office equipment. Leasing involves paying a fee each month instead of one bulky price.

Copier leasing agreements include service and maintenance.

You're on your own when you purchase a device. However, copier lease agreements will usually cover maintenance and repair situations. This frees you from having to worry about a number of issues.

Free trade-ups.

Office equipment rapidly improves from year to year, even month to month. By not committing to purchasing a machine, you are allowing for some flexibility in moving up in quality.

Questions to Ask about Copier Leasing

  1. Find out how many copies you make a month and make sure your machine will meet this demand. Different machines have different sizes of printer trays and capacities. You want to avoid overbuying or underbuying your office equipment. Watch for high-pressure sales tactics and faithfully ask questions.

  2. You'll want to consider the space you have to offer as well. Can you fit a large commercial copier into your building?

  3. Will your agreement expect you to buy paper and toner only from them? It never hurts to ask this questions.

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