Eliminate Data Risks from Copiers and MFP’s

In every office with a copier or multifunction printer there is a hidden security risk, that if left unattended, could mean the threat of security breaches with your data. The copier machine or multifunction printing device in your office has an internal hard drive that stores all the data that goes through it, from scanned documents to those printed. These documents can include everything from simple office memos to confidential employee and customer information.

These hidden risks can become a huge liability for your office if not properly handled. Here are a few ways to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands:

  • Erase Data Periodically: You can wipe the hard drives of these machines, and this should be common practice within a business. This is especially true when you are selling a machine or your lease is up.
  • Implement Permissions: Set permissions or pin numbers for users to print, allowing access only to those in your office.
  • Add Security Kits: Utilizing a data security kit will further protect your data and ensure that files cannot be accessed or recovered, even after deletion. Don’t let this hidden risk wreak havoc on your office.

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