Five Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Imaging Technologies

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You spend most of your time concentrating on growing your Chicago business, and rightly so. Small irritations like an aging printer may occasionally vie for your attention, but it's easy to put such concerns on the back burner. Eventually, however, out-of-date office equipment begins to impede productivity and growth.

5 Signs it's Time to do Something About Your Chicago Imaging Equipment

1. Increased Downtimes

Downtimes can cause a ripple effect that impacts your entire organization. Printers have a habit of breaking down during critical projects, largely due to increased demand. If you're missing deadlines, making last-minute runs for outsourced printing, and frequently requesting emergency print repair, it's time for an upgrade.

2. Security Vulnerabilities

Older devices don't include the latest security protocols to keep hackers out of your Chicago company's network. If it's been five years or more since you upgraded your devices, check with your vendor to make certain your security features are adequate. If your devices are putting your data at risk, an upgrade is critical.

3. Loss of Support

Eventually, manufacturers withdraw support for old technologies. If print driver and software updates are no longer available for your devices, contact your vendor to discuss replacement options.

4. Lack of Features

If it's been a while since you've spent some serious time looking at the latest imaging technologies, you may be surprised at the changes. The newest printers and copiers include customizable applications to improve productivity and reduce costs across your Chicago organization.

5. Increased Costs

The cost of aging office equipment goes far beyond your latest print repair invoice. While repair costs are a concern, the cost of downtime and productivity bottlenecks are harder to quantify. An equipment upgrade may be just what your Chicago company needs to gain that competitive edge you've been seeking.

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