Five Ways Multifunction Copiers Make Office Life Easier

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Smart business leaders have recognized that staying competitive in an increasingly digital world means saying goodbye to paper-heavy processes. Scanning documents and automating processes using multifunction copiers can help companies reduce their dependence on paper.

Five of the Major Advantages

1. Sharing

Remember when sharing a document meant printing a duplicate copy and either walking it to the recipient or placing it in the infamous "out box" to deal with later? Sharing outside of the office meant addressing envelopes and licking stamps. But wait—you're still doing that?

Sharing information can be one of the most time-consuming challenges facing your Chicago business, but it doesn't have to be. Multifunction copiers include digital workflow solutions that eliminate the need to shuffle hard copies from desk to desk.

Next time, use your copiers to scan it and save the envelope and stamp routine for your company Christmas cards.

2. Storing

Paper documents are needy—they need file folders, they need staples, they need cabinets and binders and boxes, and they need a foolproof system for finding them after they've been filed. Since your Chicago employees have more important things to do, put your copiers to work to store and locate your documents in seconds.

3. Workflows

Did you know that most multifunction copiers allow users to automate processes? Paper-centric tasks like invoicing can be automated to save time and paper, reduce errors, and speed up the payment process. How's that for efficiency?

4. Mobility

Remote employees can use mobile apps to scan documents from any location. From there, it's simple to route information to cloud storage solutions or your multifunction copiers.

5. Security

With the latest security protocols in place, there's no need to worry that your copiers will allow hackers into your network.

To find how state-of-the-art multifunction copiers and printers can make life easier in your Chicago offices, contact us at Proven IT today!

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