Future-Proof Your Chicago Copiers

Chicago copiers

Do you view your Chicago copiers as a means to print or copy a document and little else? It's not unusual for business leaders to give little thought to their copiers until they're not working. The resulting reaction may trigger a quick trip to a big-box office supplier for an inexpensive replacement, but these options are not the best long-term solution for your Chicago business.

Getting More from Your Copiers

You may already own the best device for serving your Chicago office needs, but are you getting the best possible return on your investment? Here's how to make sure.

1. Match Your Device to Your Requirements

If you're hoping to get the most value from your investment, make sure the copiers you choose for your Chicago office are right for your requirements. Xerox multifunction copiers come in a variety of models, and there's a perfect choice for companies from ten employees to thousands. Your Chicago equipment provider can help you find the most suitable device for your specific requirements.

2. Boost Productivity with Apps

Xerox ConnectKey Apps help you extend the value of your investment. ConnectKey Apps are server-less solutions make repetitive tasks faster and easier, improving productivity and saving money across your Chicago offices. Remote workers, in particular, can stay more productive with ConnectKey Apps.

3. Plan for Growth

Growth is always a part of the plan, but are your copiers up for it? As you add new processes, multifunction copiers with apps that can scan documents remotely, scan to email, and print outside of network are invaluable. And don't forget about print security, environmental sustainability, and automatic updates designed to future-proof your processes.

Are your Chicago copiers up for the challenges your business faces on a daily basis? Give us a call at Proven IT to discover more right-for-you solutions today!

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