Go Green and Save Green at Your Company

While it's true that managed print services can save companies time, money, and resources, there is another excellent reason to invest in these print strategies. Each year, the United States uses enough office paper to build a 10-foot-high wall that could stretch the distance from New York to Tokyo!

Using managed print services is one way that companies can proactively take control of their printing and move toward a more environmentally-conscious office place.

Less Paper

Managed print services can determine where excessive printing is happening and help plan for reducing these areas. Additionally, managed print services can help determine the correct number of printers for each office. With less printers, less printing will take place and less paper will be used.

More Efficient Ink Usage

One of the many benefits of a managed print service is that it takes the pressure off companies to maintain and store excess inventory on-site. With an efficient and productive printing plan, less ink is consumed. Without the additional inventory, the amount of plastic and other printing resources are minimized.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

It's a common problem in many office environments to have an excess amount of office equipment. When it is assessed and unnecessary equipment is eliminated, the amount of power used is reduced. For companies, this means smaller power bills and less energy used.

Using managed print services is an excellent way for companies to take a step toward going green. These efforts help save the planet while also saving companies budgets and time!

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